I was invited by Collective Gallery to document an afternoon of their four-day summer school as described by them:

REPRODUCTION is a four-day summer school exploring ‘social reproduction’ – a term that gained traction in feminist thinking during the 1970s, particularly in the International Wages for Housework Campaign. Challenging the gendered distribution of reproductive work, this movement centred the cooking, cleaning and caring activities that replenish the labour force, yet remain largely unseen, unacknowledged and unpaid. In recent years, social reproduction theory has offered a more expansive account that goes beyond domestic work to also incorporate the provision of necessities such as food, housing and healthcare right through to the production of social values through art, culture and education.

The following images are in response to two of day-four presentations and surrounding discussions in relation to:

  • Fiona Anderson, standing in for James Bell: AIDS activism, art and the ‘critical avant- garde’ 
  • Catherine Spencer discussing the work of Franki Raffles, women at work in the former Union and Scotland